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Promont House in Milford  is one of the mansions featured on this lithophane lamp celebrating Cincinnati communities.  The other two are familiar homes in the corresponding neighborhoods.    Though the size of the lamp is relatively small compared to the home itself, see the details in the trim, the window lights right down to the porch light.  Imagine your home in a three dimensional rendering, lit to create a new dimension.  I can do that for you.  All of the lamps on this page are between 8-10 inches high and are sold with an electric light.
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This is my Cincinnati Heritage lithophane lamp.  The building on the left is the first building for the University of Cincinnati and had an incline in front of it.  The right hand side shows the Union Terminal right after it was built. The lamp also showdisplays the conservatory, the elephant house and a trolley car, all circa 1800’s.

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I have featured the arts on this lamp.  Cincinnati Art Museum, the Cincinnati Museum Center and the Taft Museum,
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The beautiful Cincinnati skyline glows under the starry sky in my Cincinnati  lithophane lamp which also features, a river boat and Sawyer Point Park and Montgomery Inn on the river.  If you had this lamp, what landmarks would you like to see lit up on your shelf?  I can do that for you.

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Wouldn’t you like a beautiful sculpture of your house and your favorite places and things?  Some of my most loved lamps are anniversary or birthday gifts of homes past and present.  I can also include favorite vacation spots, vehicles, pets, and more.   Call me, so I can show you in person how a one of kind porcelain sculptured lamp would make a special gift for any occasion. Approximate sizes 8″ – 10″ tall, fine porcelain, electric lights, each piece individually thrown on the potters wheel and sculpted free hand by me.  Special orders always welcome.  513-316-3310 Gail Lundgren